Tatting Tea Tuesday with snowflakes

Do any of these look familiar? They should.
What, I'm showing pictures of the same ones over again?
No. Well, except for one that was half finished the last time.
I invite you to make yourself a cup of tea, take up your tatting and sit back while I explain myself.

This is the time of year that I try to make snowflakes to go in my Christmas cards. Yes, I should of had most of them done by now, but I never do. It seems I have to really get in the Christmas mood before I can get into gear to make them. So, sometime after Thanksgiving. Okay, to make enough of them for the cards. Before this I have a hard time buckling down to do this as there are so many things that would be so wonderful to make for gifts or new patterns to try or... Well, you get the picture. Distractions. But about now I realize that if I don't get with it, they don't get done!

The trick to getting them made quickly, at least for me, is to make the same ones over and over. That way I don't have to keep referring to a pattern and I know exactly what I have to take with me to tat on the go. It sometimes seems that I don't have to do a lot of thinking about them while I'm tatting, either. My mind can move on to other things, like what am I going to get the grandsons for Christmas. (Or, what am I going to limit myself to getting for the grandsons!) And then I get done however many get done.

In the spirit of snowflakes, Christmas and giving, I'm posting the pattern for the larger snowflake. It's for all of you, but especially Tatskool, as she asked for it. As always, I'm the only one that's made it yet, so the pattern may have a few oopsies in it. Please watch out for them and let me know if any of them get you.

September 2009 Snowflake
2 shuttles
R=ring; Ch=chain; - = picot, the longer the line, the longer the picot; +=join; RW=reverse work; DNRW=do not reverse work; . =close; Sht1=shuttle 1; Sht2=shuttle 2; SR= split ring

R 2-2-2-2-2-2 climb out of R with mock picot. (Alternate: finish with -2, cut and tie.)

SR Sht1 3, Sht2 3. RW (Alternate:start Inside with Sht1 R 3+3 to a p of Center.)
Sht1 Ch 2-2 RW
*R 3+3 to next p of center. RW
Ch 5-2--2---2--2-5 RW
R 3+3 to same p of center. RW
Ch 2-2 RW*
Repeat between * 4 times then

R 3+3 to next p of center. RW
Ch 5-2--2---2--2-5
Join to base of SR

Sht1 R 3+3 to 5th p of last Ch of Inside. DNRW
R 3+3 to p of next Ch of Inside. DNRW
R 3+3 to 1st p of next Ch of Inside. RW
Ch 5-6-2--2-6 DNRW
Sht2 R 3-2--2---2--2-3. DNRW
Sht1 Ch 6-2--2-6-5
#R 3+3 to 5th p of same Ch of Inside. DNRW
R 3+3 to p of next Ch of Inside. DNRW
R 3+3 to 1st p of next Ch of Inside. RW
Ch 5+6-2--2-6 to last p of prev Ch DNRW
Sht2 R 3-2-2---2--2-3. DNRW
Sht1 Ch 6-2--2-6-5 RW#
Repeat between # 4 times then
Ch 6-2--2---2--2-6+5 to 1st p of 1st Ch of Outside.
Join to base of 1st R.

Good luck! And if any body makes one, I'd love to hear about it!

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