A Snowy Tatting Tea Tuesday

It's snowing!
Okay, sometimes it's sleeting and then sometimes it's raining - but then it's snowing!
There's only a couple of inches on the ground right now, though they are predicting that we'll get a couple more before the night is over. Farther south, where I work, they got more ice than snow. Which will make it fun getting to and from work. Just looking out the window at all that snow makes me think of Christmas-y things but it also makes me cold. So I made myself a nice, hot cup of green tea and sat back for a few minutes to tat.
This week I found a snowflake I made some years ago (I don't know how many, but I'm thinking at least 10). It has some yellow spots and isn't quite the cleanest because it was in the bottom of the the box of Christmas decorations. It is an interesting pattern in that it has a lot of ends to hide. Looking it over I couldn't see how to make it without all those ends. But I liked the look so modified it a bit. The two on the right are what I came up with. They are made with Lizbeth color 102 (I think it's Western Sunset) in size 20. One was made with SCMRs and one with two shuttles. Can you tell which one is which? I'm counting these two as my 4th motif in my second round of the 25 Motif Challenge.

I didn't post a picture of the original because I got in a hurry and forgot to take a picture of it. I'll try to share it later, maybe after it gets a bath.

The one on the left I designed in September.
It's done in the same thread as the others and I think it looks pretty good in this color. I've been going back and forth between white snowflakes and colorful snowflakes. I'll empty my shuttles of one and try another and then back to white. There is just something about a white snowflake, no matter how pretty they look in colors, that appeals to me.

I think I'll check outside now and see if there is more of the real thing coming down!

Wishing everyone a blessed and joyous Christmas season.

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