Secret Santa Exchange

At InTatters we had a Secret Santa exchange. The person you were sending to didn't know who you were and they weren't the one you were getting a package from. As this is through the mail it's a little hard to be anonymous when you sent it, but they wouldn't know who you were until they got your package. I'd never done an exchange like this before and it was fun!

Among other things, I sent my partner this Christmas-colored doily. I can post now as I know that she received it. I think it looks pretty good in these colors as well as the fall colors I did it in last time. This went to Tarie in Arizona. I hope she likes it :-)

These wonderful items are what I received from My Secret Santa.
IcePrincess from Germany sent me all these wonderful things. There is a handmade shuttle with blue leaves, a Celtic style cross bookmark, a wooden "W" on a keyring, and some beautiful red/blue/purple beads. The card has a hand made paper seal with an angel on it. Thank you so much IcePrincess, I love what you sent to me! A very lovely way to start the Christmas season.

There was some debate on InTatters if we should wait 'til Christmas to open our packages. It was obvious that most of us didn't wait, or want to wait! It would be rude not to let the 'Santa" know that you received and liked what you got, wouldn't it??? Well, I think so! Besides, I think most of us still have that little kid inside that doesn't want to wait!

This exchange has really gotten me into the Christmas spirit and gotten me motivated to put out the Christmas tree and decorate the house. And start playing the Christmas music! I love to sing along to the carols and songs that I know.

Wishing all of you a wonderful and blessed Christmas season!

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