Tatting Tea Tuesday December 15, 2009

I'm still doing snowflakes. I have a couple of other things I should be doing, but I just don't seem to get started! Oh, well. Everything will get done, or it won't. I think I'll have another cup of tea and try not to worry about it.

Last time I told you about an old snowflake that I had found and showed a modified version of it. Today I have the old one, and a couple of modified ones. No, the old one didn't get a bath (another of those things I was going to do and never got started). It's the one on the bottom right. You can see the difference between the old and the new. I like the old one, I just don't want to have that many ends to hide!

We've had a very busy week around the house and with family. It seems that there are always at least two different things we should be doing at any given time. And it's not just getting ready for Christmas, it's the everyday things. Sometimes I just have to slow down and take a breath. And make choices as to what gets done and what doesn't. So this is going to be very short today.

I hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday season. Enjoy your families, remember the reason for the season, and have a Merry Christmas!

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