'Sunflower' doily

Earlier this year I designed a small doily that I call Arches over Arches. For my blogoversary giveaway I made the doily in Lizbeth Falling Leaves size 20. This thread has such a wonderful fall look. I was then inspired to put a brown center in it.

And this is how it turned out.

Doesn't it remind you of a sunflower?

I hadn't posted this earlier because I wanted to make sure the winner of my giveaway - Trayna - had received it before I shared it here. It was hard to wait! I really like how this turned out : )

And now fall is almost over and it's time to think of Christmas and winter weather.
Today is supposed to be the last really nice day for awhile. Sunny, not too windy and pleasant temperatures. After today the temperatures will return to a more normal range - in the 40's - so we are planning to put out our Christmas lights this morning. Not that we put out a lot of lights, but I would much rather do this when the weather is mild and then enjoy them when it's cold and snowy!

And then it's back to tatting snowflakes. Between the colder weather and the Christmas lights, it should really get me feeling festive!

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