Shuttlebirds' challenges

I finally got the heart right for the Shuttlebird's Weekly Challenge #12.
Nancy Tracy's 'Clover Drop Heart' pattern. 

I still had the shuttles wound with Lizbeth #117 Country Side size 20 so I went ahead and made it with this - again.  This time I got the chains right!
It's a very pretty heart. 

Challenge #13 was 'Ringtrim - a Microdragon.'

I had never tried making him before and I very much enjoyed the experience.  He's quick and easy to make and looks so darn cute!  He also doesn't take a lot of thread so I believe I'll be making quite a few more as I need to empty shuttles.  This flight of Microdragons are made in Lizbeth #679 Lime Green, #614 Lemon Light and #695 Bright Orange, all in size 20. 

Oh, yeah, I'm adding these Microdragons to my 25 Motif challenge.  I think this is #10 in this go-round.

Water, water every where...
There has been more rain here and more is expected.  We've had water standing in our yard for several days now because of it. We also have to be very careful when we leave or come home due to water over the roads.  It is hard to believe it's August. Everything is sooo green! Usually this time of year things are pretty brown and dry.  As we don't water our lawn we usually only have to mow every couple of weeks this time of year.  This year the grass (and weeds!) have kept growing, begging for us to mow much more frequently.  The problem is the water standing in the yard.
At least the lakes, ponds and aquifers are filling back up.

"Weather is a great metaphor for life - sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad, and there's nothing much you can do about it but carry an umbrella."
Terri Guilemets

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