Little things

Adding tatting to buttons for brooches has really caught my imagination lately.  I pull out different threads to compare which ones look the best with the different buttons and dream about what I'm going to do with each one. 

I guess there are worse things to think about. 

This is the latest button.  On which I used another button as well as some tatting in Lizbeth Mocha Brown Dark #692 and Harvest Orange Med #694, both size 20.  It does have a pin back on it as well. Now I just need the right color blouse or dress to wear it on.  Or maybe a hat, or my purse...

I saw a neat idea over at Sew Many Ways awhile back that came to mind the other day.  I had a few of these clips handy and thought I'd give it a try.

They came out kinda cute, don't you think?  I suppose they could be used for paper like they are intended as well.

A Soggy Tatting Tea Tuesday

It rained yesterday.  

One of the barn swallows that has made a house on the side of our house was out enjoying it.  It was raining pretty heavy and he was out taking a bath.  The post on our (decorative) hand pump is a favorite perch for the swallows all the time, even in the rain.

It rained yesterday.

This was later in the evening.

Did I mention it rained yesterday?

This is a picture the neighbor sent us looking out his front door to our back door.  Those lighter stripes there are his driveway.

No, we don't live in the flood plain of a creek or pond or lake.  We actually live on somewhat high ground - for the neighborhood.  

We were very nervous about the water getting into the house but it didn't. It came up to the thresh holds of the doors but didn't come in. 

The roads flooded as well.  We had to take a detour to get home after work because of water over the roads.  We thought we might have to wait awhile for the water to go down but the road we detoured to had only about an inch running over it, so we chanced it (after walking it to verify depth and speed) and made it home okay.  This morning instead of tatting or blogging we drove around to see how much the water had gone down and if the roads were passable. They were.

We are still in a flood watch until Thursday morning though.  It rained so hard farther north that the creeks and rivers close to us could still come up in the next few days. 

Did I mention that it rained yesterday?

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