A little repair work

A little over two years ago I made Jane E's stork for my daughter's baby shower gift, putting it on a photo album. My daughter was kind of mad at her husband soon after because he took the album to work to show off the pictures of his new daughter and got the cover dirty. 

Sometime after that her son got hold of it and did some modifications. I don't think he was being malicious but scissors and string were too much for a two year-old to resist, especially when Momma was with the new sister.

She finally gave it back to me and I finally got around to doing some repairs.

As damage goes, this wasn't that bad.  The sling and baby are done separately from the stork itself so the repair wasn't too intensive. 

Pretty much as good as new!  Still has a few fingerprints on it, but that shows it was passed around a bit, right?

Didn't get much tatting done this week as we did some house cleaning and then had family over for the weekend.  That, of course(!), was much more fun.

My two superheroes! 
No, I didn't ask them to pose like that, that was all their idea. They had each got new PJ's that came with capes and had to show us their hero stance.

Yes, that's the little girl the baby shower was for two years ago and that's the big brother. Oh, how time flies!

"I mean, first of all, let me say whichever superhero first came up with the idea of wearing a cape, he wasn't really onto anything good.  The number of times I'm treading on that damn thing or I throw a punch and it ends up covering my whole head. It's really not practical."
Christian Bale

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