Wedding gift

I got the wedding gift done, and wrapped, before I left for the wedding.

I was so proud of myself :-)

For this gift I decorated a photo frame again, but a little differently than the one for the last wedding.  This time it's only an edging instead of hearts and flowers.  The frame itself is one of those unfinished ones from Michael's that I painted black. The opening is 5"x 7".  The edging is made with Lizbeth #646 Purple Iris Lt size 20, with silver beads.  The hard part was getting it to lay nice around the opening while it was glued.  You can see it's not quite even around the edge, but still not too bad. 

The bride's colors were lavender and silver.  Originally the edging was going to be the #646 and #605 Silver, but I thought the silver came out just looking grey.  The silver beads added a nice touch of silver even though you can't see them well in the picture.  The Purple Iris Lt was almost a perfect match for the bride's choice of lavender.  

The wedding was on the beach at The Lodge of Four Seasons, an Ozark resort in Missouri.  It had been a hot day and we were a bit worried how hot it would be during the wedding, but the sun was behind the trees and the breeze was off the lake, making it quite pleasant.

My daughter and I stayed at The Lodge, too.  This is the waterfall that was in the main building.  It started on the fourth floor and exited out on the first floor.  One thing that threw us off a bit was the how they numbered the floors.  The main entrance was on the fifth floor and you went down to access the other floors.  We were on the second floor and every time we got in the elevator we had to remember to go down to our room and up to go out. 

This is the view from our balcony.  I think this resort had four swimming pools.  The water in the distance is the Lake of the Ozarks

It was a nice weekend though I wish my husband could have come with me.  He doesn't have near the vacation time as I do so had to stay home and work.  He had also been sick during the week so it was kind of iffy he would have come even if he had vacation. 

I think I finally have time to try out my Perfect Quilter thread.  At least if I hurry I do. I have a least one more wedding coming up in September.  Not sure what I'm doing for that one.

"To keep your marriage brimming, With love in the loving cup,
Whenever you're wrong, admit it; Whenever you're right, shut up."
Ogden Nash

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