I've been tatting - but it's not done yet!

I have been tatting - a gift for a niece's wedding.

That's this coming weekend.

And it's not done yet!

Okay, that's not really a big surprise.  I always seem to wait to start something and then the date I need it done is suddenly upon us.  You'd think I'd learn but I haven't yet.

The good news is it really is almost done.  Sunday I did almost nothing else and made a lot of progress.  The bad news is I don't foresee a lot of tatting time open this week.  I guess if I want it done I'll find time somewhere!

How many of you read Fox's post about her excitement with Perfect Quilter thread?

And how many of you jumped right over there where her link took you and bought some?

I did.

I haven't been tatting in small thread lately so I only bought four colors and I haven't had time to even try any of them out yet!  But I have these by my chair to entice and encourage me to get this gift done.

Set goals.

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