Home and back to normal

I actually made it back from Omaha late the 26th with grandson and his parents in tow, yipee! They came home with me for Thanksgiving, so everyone got to meet Mercutio. He was passed around a lot, but took it in stride, or in snooze. He slept through most of it! His auntie was very excited to see him as she was unable to go to Omaha when he was born. She's expecting a boy in January, so Mercutio will have a cousin his age to play with. The family went back Sunday and had a safe trip home. And I miss them already *sniff*sniff*

I have done some tatting but nothing is ready to show yet. Hopefully in a day or two I'll have pictures. I have so many things I want to get done by Christmas but I think I'm being a little ambitious. I do have to go back to work and of course do dishes and such *sigh*. What gets done gets done and the rest may have to be for next year.