"Coily" is done, and snow

Here it is, the 'coily' from BoB the Bike. He said it was too small for a doily but too big for a coaster - I'm not sure what size thread he was using. You have to be a little careful with his pattern - he warns you - because he didn't say when to reverse work. I figured out what worked for me. Another thing that made it a bit tricky was I'm picky about front and back, so the last round I had to start over and get it face up. If I'd looked closer I would have figured it out but I was in a hurry to finish and see how it looked. It's made in size 30 pink DMC Cebelia, I can't remember the color number. But it turned out great! I think it goes very well with the bouquet from Lorena. Bob mentioned he was thinking of another round but couldn't quite seem to get one to work. I think another round would look good as well. It's going on my list of things I'd like to do.

Well, it's winter in Kansas. We woke up to snow this morning. In our area it was just enough to cover the ground but the grass was still peeking through. It was 25 degrees (F) with winds between 25 & 35 mph -the snow was falling pretty much horizontally. Thank goodness we didn't get more snow, the drifts would have been bad. I stayed in the house for as long as I could but I finally had to get out about noon, and then later to go to work. Wichita had a little more snow than we did so what snow they had was drifting across the streets and making them slick. The road right outside where I work was a solid sheet of ice. Getting out of work tonight could be interesting. I think we'll let the crowd go past before we head out. Some people just do not know how to slow down!

Christmas is getting closer and closer and I have so much to do! If I could only get organized to see just what it is I should do. I've been doing a lot of small tatted things which I usually give in cards, but also a few other, larger things (I keep seeing all of the neat things everyone is doing and I just want to try that...and that...) but I don't really have a plan on where they are going. My excuse for sitting around tatting is that they are gifts, you know, to justify not doing the dishes, or folding clothes, etc, etc. I've several people I know would like receiving a tatted item, but which one to which person??? Note to self: make a list of people to give tatting and what item I should give them (okay, this should already have been done, but I had to take out time for the grandbaby, didn't I?)

Speaking of the grandson, I chatted with my daughter the other day through Skype so we could use the webcams, and got to see him. He's loosing some of his hair and his eyes are getting lighter. And he's still such a cutie! He was awake and bright eyed, at least for a little while *sigh* I'm hoping they'll get to come down sometime at Christmas, but that could depend on the weather. Of course, the road goes both ways. I have more vacation coming in January...

I'm working on the pattern for my ornament that I shared on the Monthly Challenge. I need to read through it again, and probably again, to get it as clear as possible without actually making it again. I keep checking back to see if anyone else has posted an ornament but as of a few minutes ago I was still the only one. I'm really curious to see what everyone else is doing. I do go and check out a few blogs, but there is only so much time in a day! Well, happy tatting every one, until the next time.

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