And now that everything is back to normal I can finally post a picture of the goodies I got from Lorena, Rose Chic Friends, for the drawing on her blog. She sent lots of beautiful things - mostly in pink! There was a painted ball ornament and a paper one, a cozy, a journal, a lovely clay rose bouquet, a clay flower lapel pin and beaded earings, two spatulas (with pink hearts!), a post-it pad, and two Thanksgiving decorations that I put on the table for supper - I made it home in time to use them! My daughters oohed and awed over my winnings. They both like pink. Thank you, Lorena, for drawing my name! You do beautiful work. I was unable to wear the pin or earings this weekend because I held the baby (a lot) and didn't want to hurt him or me. But I know just what they'll go with on Sunday to church!

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