The evolution of a snowflake

I started work on a snowflake the other day and it went places I hadn't planned on. In fact, I didn't really like it. But I kinda liked the idea of it so I did it again with a little change.

I liked it a little better but I still wasn't quite happy with it. I had made both in white size 30 DMC because I had shuttles already wound. Maybe another color or two would look better? Which could be a little tricky because I kept switching shuttles in different places. In one color that's not noticeable but with two colors it would be. But I decided to try it with blue and green size 30 DMC, also because the shuttles were already wound.

Another little change later and I was much happier! It looked more like it belonged that way than the previous versions. The small points between the long arms really changed the look. The center was also changed, made a little smaller. I did have to switch the shuttles in a few places to get the colors how I wanted them. I'm tempted to make another one and not switch the shuttles so it will be easier to write down the pattern. I'm going to consider these for the 25 motif challenge as #3, 4 & 5.

I'm now working on the "coily" (coaster or doily?) that BoB the Bike designed. I saw it on his website and thought it would be fun. It's in pink - maybe to go under the rose bouquet I received from Lorena. But then again, I have a friend who's birthday is coming up that might like it...

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