Bob's coily becomes a doily!

Well, here it is, at last! I made another 'coily' designed by Bob the Bike, except this time I think it definitely qualifies as a doily. First, I made this with Manuela size 10 white variegated thread, which made it noticeably bigger than the pink coily I made in Cebelia size 30. Then I added another round that I designed, hopefully in the spirit of the original. The end result is a doily about 8 1/2 inches across. I think it works. I did have to try a couple of times on the last round - the first try I didn't make the chains long enough and it was cupping quite a bit. I am very much into right side/bottom side and I started with the single R right side up, which means that the flower had to be done from the bottom with two split rings - which I usually do front the right side. Ugh! If I didn't pay very close attention I'd start the second half of the split ring with the wrong half of the ds. It took me longer to do the last round than I anticipated because of this. The picture doesn't show the color of the thread very well. It is mostly white but shades to very light pink and then light blue. I hope Bob likes it! And I'm counting this as motif #6 for the motif challenge.

I have been busy the last few days, too busy to post anything here. I've been able to skim through several blogs and eTatters when I've had a few minutes here and there, so I've got to see what others have been doing. It keeps me motivated! And I have been reading the comments from everyone, even if I haven't commented back! I really appreciate those of you that visit!

I've got most of the Christmas cards done - most of the ones that are left will be hand delivered. I haven't wrapped a gift yet! Good thing we're not doing many gift exchanges this year. We have several gatherings that we're just visiting and eating. So I have to figure out what to make - easier than trying to figure out gifts for everyone! I think it will be a little more relaxed through the season that way, no frantic, last minute shopping. And then my daughter's baby shower is the 27th. One more day of family and friends.

Of course, all the planned festivities may depend on the weather. We've had quite a bit of winter weather this year, and it seems to me we don't usually have this much this early, here in Kansas at least. Tuesday morning we woke up to about 4 inches of snow. The roads weren't too bad and the wind had died down - the weekend was windy!!. But it has been very cold since Sunday. Today wasn't too bad but tonight we are supposed to get freezing drizzle and fog. The drive to work in he morning looks to be very s-l-o-w. (It might be a good day to call in sick!)

I have a few other things I plan on posting but I've run out of time. I'll try to post again before the end of the week, but no promises! Happy Christmas, everyone!

P.S. I'll try to get the pattern for the last round posted soon if anyone is interested.

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