Tatting in the center

I went to a nephew's wedding this weekend in North Platte, Nebraska.  When planning the trip I decided I didn't have to drive interstate all the way, there are other roads to get to where I needed to go.  Some of the highways I took were two lane (instead of four) but well surfaced, and had a lot less traffic.  Okay, I had to slow down for combines a few times but mostly the roads had few cars or other traffic.  The weather was mild for this time of year making the trip both ways very enjoyable. 

On the way back I took a short side trip to see the geographic center of the contiguous 48 states. 

This is the roadside historical marker that is on US highway 36.
I had seen this on my way to the wedding but stopped on the way home as the timing was better. 

 There's not much there.  This has a plaque with the longitude and latitude on it.
There is a tiny, tiny chapel and a covered area with picnic tables and a couple of trash cans.  That's about it.

 The road to get there (looking east from the site). There is a house at the end of that driveway, otherwise just pastures and fields all around.  This road ends at the site though two dirt roads go off north and south. 

Yes, I was tatting in the center - of the United States.

The wedding gift

I had asked the bride what their wedding colors were, she said 'green, black and white'.  Black and white were easy but there are a lot of shades of green.  Instead of asking what shade I took a wild guess and chose Lizbeth #684 Leaf Green Med and of course white #601 to make the hearts.  There are a few flowers  on there in #613 Golden Yellow Med and #696 Autumn Orange Med, thrown in for contrast.  The leaves are in #138 Leafy Greens. The hearts are Joy's Heart (on my pattern tab), and the butterfly is Monica Mancenido's pattern (aka soyloquesoy on Intatters).  All are made in size 20.

My daughter and granddaughter also came to the wedding., her husband and son having a "guys" weekend at home (my husband had to work). We roomed together in North Platte for two nights, which was great. I had even finished the present two days earlier (amazing!) so I wasn't even rushing to get that done but could relax and enjoy the time with the family.  It was a great weekend.

"Everywhere's been where it is ever since it was first put there.  It's called geography."
Terry Pratchett, Wyrd Sisters

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