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Our stay at a cabin over the Independence Day weekend inspired me to tat Jane's Norman Rooster pattern.   Why is that, you ask?   The cabin's designation is the "Rooster". 

Norman was Jane's TIAS for 2010, which I started but didn't finish (I don't remember why now).  I'd always planned to complete Norman and now I have.  I thought he would make a cute photo album cover of pictures from our holiday. So today for Tatting Tea Tuesday I'm putting the finishing touches on it while drinking an iced glass of Crystal Light Raspberry Green Tea .

Jane Eborall's Norman Rooster pattern
Tatted by Wanda Salmans
Other than Christmas Red for the comb and beard I can't remember right now the colors I used to make him though they are all Lizbeth in size 20.  I know that I wasn't too happy with the color I chose for the tail while I was making it but finished it anyway.  I'm glad I did, it looks okay.  I thought he looked a little lonely on the cover so I added a butterfly and some flowers made while finishing off thread from a couple of shuttles.  

I had a terrible time finding paper to put him on.  I don't have a huge selection of scrapbook paper but I have some - and it is never what I want (they all looked great at the store, though).  So I had to doctor up what I had to make it work.  I don't know that it's great but it works. 

Morgan Mouse on a 6-point finding
Designed and tatted by Wanda Salmans
While I was at it I went ahead and did one with a pink Morgan Mouse. All threads used are Lizbeth size 20 in various colors - again emptying shuttles. (I have a bunch of butterflies and flowers from doing this. They come in handy sometimes.)

Speaking of mice...

Last night when I got home from work I took off my shoes and sat down in my chair to watch a little TV.  Our cat was under my chair and kept reaching a paw under my feet (they were kind of tented together, not flat on the floor) and tickling me.  Of course I told her to quit and she moved around to the other side of the footstool and kept looking at my feet.  I finally noticed there was something under my feet, moved them to see what it was


mouse ran out.

Yes, a real, live, grey mouse.

It wasn't moving too fast and stopped on the other side of the footstool - I don't know if I squished it a bit or whether it was just stunned by the smell of my stocking feet.  The cat watched it intently but didn't jump on it as it was just kind of laying there and not running.  My brave, thoughtful husband picked it up by the tail and took it outside to dispose of in some manner - far away from the house I assume.  The cat was somewhat disappointed.

We live in the country right beside a wheat field - excuse me, the wheat is cut and they have planted soybeans now - so we are not unfamiliar with mice, but this is not a normal experience. 

I would have preferred Morgan Mouse under my feet.
In any color.

"Never play cat and mouse games if you're the mouse."
Don Addis quotes

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