A new edging

Hanging Basket Edging © Wanda Salmans 2012

This is the edging I was working on last week.  I finished tatting it but it's not yet attached to anything.  If things go well I'll have it done this week.  It's made in Lizbeth #115 'Springtime' size 20.  I'm very fond of this colorway, it really makes me think springtime, which somewhat surprises me as I don't usually favor pastels.

When I started this edging I had only a vague idea of what I wanted.  I was happy with the first row though I knew it needed a second row to make it as deep as I was looking for.  The length of the first row worked out well, leaving just the right number of repeats so the second row fit - once I figured out what the second row was going to be. The first row has a SCMR and a thrown ring in every repeat but otherwise it is just rings and chains.  The second row is a little fiddly but not difficult, using only rings and chains though you have to switch shuttles for the 'basket' part. If anyone is interested I am sharing the pattern, it's on the sidebar.

I'm not much of a garden person - I'm much too lazy to keep it weeded - but I do like to have a few flowers to brighten up the house.  While they look nice I'd thought I'd share a little.  I put these out a little over a week ago and they're still alive(!) and look like they may stay that way a little longer.  It's amazing how a few pots of plants change the whole feel of the entry way.

"In the spring, the carpet flowered amid the green,
and as wind blew, it looked like music on the ground."
Timothy Egan

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