More new tatting

I was working on another short edging that didn't come out quite like I wanted. 
Crowned Wheel © Wanda Salmans 2012

Edging?  Yes, it was supposed to be an edging but kept curving, so I let it.  I thought it looked a little hollow so added a little something to the middle.  It came out pretty nice, but obviously not an edging.  This one is made with Lizbeth #163 'Blue Ice' in size 40.  Originally I was working in Lizbeth #115 'Springtime' in size 20. I made the one in 'Blue Ice' to verify stitch count and shuttle use so I could write out the pattern.  If you're interested in it check out the Patterns tab. (I recommend starting with the center then working on the outside )

I haven't finished the project with the Hanging Basket Edging yet, as this edging - the one that didn't happen - is  going to go with it.  I wanted to make sure the two edgings worked together before I got too far in attaching them.  Which means I'm not done yet.  I have some thoughts on where I went 'wrong' and will be trying again.

I'm trying out the Pages option here in Blogger, which is where I moved the links to my patterns.  The list was getting kind of long *grin* which isn't a bad thing, but I thought maybe this would work better.  

"Success is following the pattern of life one enjoys most"  Al Capp
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