Another one...Can you believe it?

Pattern, that is.   Amazing, isn't it?

Okay, it's similar to the Crowned Wheel motif because it's the edging I was planning to make in the first place.
I've added it to the patterns page if you'd like to check it out.

Now, would you like to know what I was planning on doing with these edgings I've made recently?

See, I said I was going to use the two together.  What do you think?  Do they work together?

I just couldn't get a good picture of this.  It really looks much better in person.

I had quite a time trying to put this together. I love the thread color, Lizbeth 'Springtime', but what color background do you use with it?  I didn't want to use white but I couldn't find paper at home that didn't wash out at least one of the colors.  I actually took one of the edgings with me to Walmart and compared it to almost every single style/color of scrapbook paper they have.  (I would have taken it to Hobby Lobby or Micheal's as they have much larger selections but I didn't want to wait until I had time to go.)  And I didn't find a single paper that I liked enough to purchase.  The papers that were in shades that might work were flat, solid colors or had so much going on that it took away from the pattern in the thread.  A lot were just in shades that  made the thread look bad. 

I finally used a page that I had at home that I had overlooked.  It is pink but it looks like the color is washed or brushed on.  This textured appearance gives the paper a depth that solid colored paper can't duplicate. 

Unlike the cup I decorated for my grandson that I talked about here, I'm not completely happy with how this background paper fits in the cup. The bits and pieces I used on my grandson's cup worked very well.  The edgings used in this cup reach from one end of the background paper to the other, making it thicker than the randomly placed tatting in the other, so it's harder to fit in the cup and where they meet is not quite as smooth. Something else I did not think about when I decided to put edgings on this cup was that the backing paper is not a rectangle but rectangular with two curving sides.  I had to eye-ball the placement of the edgings to smoothly follow the line of those edges.  I'm not allowing anyone to get close to this cup with a ruler!

I'm calling this #25 of my second 25 Motif Challenge.  I'm now thinking how I'm going to challenge myself for the next round. :)

Getting this post out was a challenge. This would have been a Tatting Tea Tuesday post if blogger hadn't given me fits.  I had to add every picture multiple times to get the orientation right.  It was quite frustrating! I'm hoping next week will be easier.

"We are cups, constantly and quietly filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out."
Ray Bradbury