Looking for the Bunny

I usually don't think to make seasonal things until much too close to the actual holiday, but I'm actually thinking Easter already.  It's already Lent so there are only about 40 days left to get things made before Easter.

My first (only?) Easter-themed tatting this year is a bunny face.  I did this while riding in the car without a pattern but I'm pretty sure I've seen this, or a close variation, somewhere.  I have Dianna Steven's book 'Animal Bookmarks, a Tatted Zoo' which has a rabbit in it, so that may be it; I'll have to check.  I already checked Jane's patterns and didn't see it there. This one is made in Victorian Red #670 Lizbeth thread, size 20 and you can see it's not very big.  I've already thought of a different way to make this - my original plan for the bunny was an edging for the hem of some pants for my grand-daughter. Some adjustments will need to be made to resemble the idea in my head.

I wasn't sure I liked this bunny, but I like the picture of him ☺.

Secret Information
Would you like to know a secret?
Well, I'll tell you one I know:
The Easter's Bunny's coming,
My mama told me so.

He'll bring a basket filled with eggs
And leave it in my yard,
And I will find it Easter morn,
If I look very hard.

I shouldn't tell my secret,
But I think it should be shared.
You ought to know that Bunny's coming,
So you can be prepared!

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