A Heart, a Goat and a Fob

Happy Valentine's Day!  
I've known it's been coming, I've seen all the hearts that others have been tatting and I only made one.

This is the bottom of the bookmark that eventually evolved into Heart's Honor.  It's not exactly like I'd like it yet, but this is all that I got done before today. It's made with Lizbeth size 20 threads in red and white.  

I haven't done much tatting the last week or so, though I did finish Jane's TIAS.  Isn't it a wonderful goat? This is perfect for tatting for little boys!  I have several ideas on what to do with him.  

Here is some tatting I did before Christmas.  While on our vacation to Colorado this last summer I stopped in a shop called Bev's Stitchery and found this cute scissors.  I saw this and thought of Tabatha and our Christmas exchange.  Once I got it home I thought "what's a girl doing all dressed up without a purse?"   After a couple of tries I got the fob right (I cut a couple of picots and joined in the wrong places...). It holds a year 2000 US dime - a girl has to have her mad money, doesn't she? I think it came out very well. 

I've just heard the sad news that Gina, The Tatting Goddess, has died.  She will be remembered with great fondness by those of us she touched through her blogs even though we never met in person.

"Reach out for the joy and the sorrow.  Put them away in your mind. The memories are times that you borrow, to spend when you get to tomorrow."

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