Bunny Face

I've decided I like the bunny face.  I've made a few more, playing around with it a little, mostly with the ears.  I think the bottom one looks a little more like a dog than a bunny, but still has potential.  I don't think this will become an edging, at least not without a lot more work, but it looks pretty good as a bunny face. 

I've been trying to find out if there is another bunny that is made like this.  I've found several really cute bunnies: 
Tatman has a couple of cute bunnies here and here. I also hear he has a pattern for a bunny in an egg, but I don't know where to find the pattern.  I saw it on Steph's Stuff; very cute!
Bella OnLine has several bunny patterns, including a few edgings, found here.
[the first link on the page, Brenda's Bunnies, does not contain tatting. It looks to have been hacked]
Nancy has a cute one on her be-stitched site, here.  
I checked Dianna Steven's book 'Animal Bookmarks, a Tatted Zoo', which has a really cute bunny bookmark, but it doesn't look like this either. 

So, if anybody is interested, I have put the pattern up on my sidebar.  The pattern has the rounded ears like the top two in the picture. I made the bottom one today while I was sipping my Tatting Tea Tuesday tea, after I had the pattern 'finished'.  I might make an addendum for changing up the ears later.

This time of year thinking of bunnies makes me think of Easter, so I'll leave you with another Easter poem.

Sky Bunnies
The sky is full of bunny clouds
So soft and fat and white,
I wonder if they're hiding eggs
For stars to find at night.

Because it's Easter Eve, you know,
And there's no reason why
There shouldn't be an Easter hunt
In meadows in the sky.

From http://www.canteach.ca/elementary/songspoems15.html

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