Remembering Gina

This week, on Monday, February 13, 2012, Gina Brummet, aka The Tatting Goddess, died.  It was a great shock to those of us in the tatting world.  She had just recently shared on her blog in January that she had been going through treatment for lung cancer but was now in remission.  To hear that she had passed away was heartbreaking. 

Reading her blog was always enjoyable, whether is be about tatting, stitching, crochet or any of the many things she was interested in.  She was very generous about sharing her knowledge on any of the subjects she spoke about, doing it in an easy to read and interesting manner.  Her work on old tatting patterns, sharing her trials with them, was motivating to me, to not let them intimidate because of the way they were written.  

I know that many people read her blog if for no other reason that my blog got a lot of traffic from hers. It is obvious how many people she touched through the Internet.  I was never given the chance to meet her in person, one of the those wishes that will now never be fulfilled. 

A few years ago I made one of her patterns for an exchange on InTatters (from this post).  It's the only pattern of Gina's that I've made so far, though there are others that are on my to-do list. Gina's 'Southwest Butterfly' is beautiful, done in any color. 

'Southwest Butterfly' by Regina A. Brummet
pattern found at

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of her friends and family in this time of loss. She will be greatly missed.

"Don't ever let yourself get so busy that you miss those little but important extras in life - the beauty of a day.. the smile of a friend.. the serenity of a quiet moment alone.  For it is often life's smallest pleasures and gentlest joys that make the biggest and most lasting difference."