Hanging Basket Edging Winter Runner

I made this edging for a table runner back in August.  I hadn't been sure I was going to be happy with it, but it turned out looking good.

'Hanging Basket Edging' © Wanda Salmans on a runner November 2015 found on wandasknottythoughts.blogspot.com
Hanging Basket Edging © Wanda Salmans

I was in a hurry when I took this picture and I didn't notice how crooked it looks.  It didn't look like that when it was hanging up.  This just shows that I'm better at tatting than I am at sewing :-)  This runner was given as a gift for Christmas. 

"Medallion Cross Bookmark" © Wanda Salmans found on wandasknottythoughts.blogspot.com
Medallion Cross Bookmark © Wanda Salmans

I noticed a bookmark in my Bible that I made several years ago and thought I would make it again.  I couldn't find anywhere that I had written down the pattern so thought I would.  Jotted it down on paper and lost it.  Re-wrote it.  Then tried to diagram it and found my vector program has a problem just after I upgraded to Windows 10.  Serif Draw X8 is supposed to be compatible with Windows 10 so maybe it got corrupted during the upgrade.  I uninstalled SDX8 and re-installed and still get an error.  I tried installing an update but still no luck.  I have put my problem on their forum and hope to get an answer.  If not it will be direct contact with Serif.  I'm used to this program and like it, it's a real problem to not have it work.

It has been quite a week.  Besides the program issue we've had some trouble with the Internet so I had trouble posting.  We've also had a lot of things happening at the house getting ready for a bit of remodeling.

There has been some other distractions as well.  You may have heard about the shooting at Excel Industries in Hesston, Kansas.  Hesston is just down the road from us.  It was quite a shock to have something like this hit so close to home.  I don't personally know any of the people that were shot but people I know do.  In such a small community, something like this effects everyone.
It's wonderful how the entire county has joined together to get through this ordeal and help those who need it.

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