February Tat and Chat

Last Tuesday my two most recent tatting students came over for a tat and chat.  We've been getting together about once a month for several months now.  We have so much fun!  I'm not sure just how much tatting actually gets done but we do talk about it and have a great time.

Sherry takes a cautious approach to tatting.  She doesn't like taking out mistakes so doesn't work very fast but she's making progress.  She's working on a heart that she would like to frame.

Becky is a lot more bold and not afraid to make mistakes.  Since last month she tatted four hearts, framed them and gave them away for Valentine's day.  She didn't yet have a pattern that called for it but she wanted to learn how to make split rings.  She was doing it quite well with them by the time she left.

Becky brought along a few flee market/antique store finds.  The small doily was found some time ago and looks to be made in about size 30.  Another time she and her husband did some bargaining for the silver shuttle.  The larger one we have determined is made from French ivory and is in very nice shape.  It is about the size of a Tatsy shuttle (the silver about the size of regular Clover) and still has tatting attached, the hen and chicks probably made in size 30.

We've set a date for our March get-together and made plans for our April meet to be on April 1 for International Tatting Day. They think they can handle the requirements: tat something fun, do it in public, and eat chocolate!

Have you made plans for International Tatting Day yet?

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