More buttons for ITD

Buttons for International Tatting Day on

With all the dust and disruptions at the house due to the remodel I've not gotten much tatting done. I can still do a bit in the car so I've continued to decorate buttons for International Tatting Day.

I did give away a few green ones last week to be worn for St. Patrick's Day. 

And one to an aunt who thought it was pretty.

And one to a co-working who really liked it.

The grandchildren like them, too. And their mothers.

I guess if I don't give them all away on ITD I'll still be able to do something with them eventually.

"Who gives from the mind is great
Who gives from the heart is truly blessed."
Marinela Reka

Shortly after I posted this we went out for lunch.  We met a nice lady in another booth that recognized that I was tatting and had a nice visit.  Before she left I gave her a button and my card.
Do you think I'll have any left for ITD?

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