A Bunny and Two Hearts

Finished TIAS 2016 is a bunny!  wandasknottythoughts
TIAS 2016 © Jane Eborall

Look! Look!  I got the TIAS done!  Yay!
This Burgundy thread (Lizbeth #672 size 20) was a little too dark - I couldn't see what I was doing when I made a mistake.  He did come out pretty cute - love the teeth and carrot!

Tatted heart adapted by Barbara Foster wandasknottythoughts
Tatted Heart adapted by Barbara Foster from design by
Mrs. J.M. Blackman, appearing in Modern Priscilla magazine in 1917

One of my aunts ended up in the hospital Saturday, so instead of taking her real flowers I took her some fake ones Sunday (no worries about spilling the water or flowers drooping before she could enjoy them).  It was a hurry-up job.  The 'vase' is a spice jar with a piece of burlap ribbon and a piece of smaller, white ribbon wrapped around it and the tatted heart - which I tatted up on the way from our house to the hospital.  I took the with me and attached the heart to the ribbon while we were in the parking garage.  This was the best of the pictures I took of it before we left.
My aunt liked it.

Joy's Heart Cross Bookmark for Valentine's Day wandasknottythoughts
Joy's Heart Cross Bookmark © Wanda Salmans 2016
in Lizbeth #147 Red Burst size 20

This has been my take-along tatting project this last week.  I needed something without beads or too complicated (like the TIAS) and one that I wouldn't worry about messing up (like the Round Robin doily I'm working on).  I made the rings of the arms a bit bigger than I made the bookmark I gave my brother-in-law; I think this looks better.  My plan was to frame it and give it to my mother for Valentine's day but I haven't gotten that done yet.  I'll just give it to her when I get all the finishing touches done.

Now on to other things: the Round Robin doily I still have; a wedding gift for next month; the pincushions I want to make...  It feels good to be getting over the funk I've been in.

"With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts."
Eleanor Roosevelt

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