Kamryn Edging

 I just love the material for this table runner.  I picked it up at JoAnn's when they had a lot of material on sale for 40% off.  There was lady there that was looking at fall-themed material at the same time I was. We liked so many of the same materials that we went to the cutting table at the same time so all of it could be cut for both of us while it was out.  We had a nice conversation while we were checking out the material. Fellow crafters can be pretty nice people.

Kamryn Edging, tatted edging on table runner with fall material on wandasknottythoughts
 Kamrny Edging © Wanda Salmans 2015

This edging was the last one I did before the craft show and it wasn't supposed to go with this material.  But after finishing it and laying it with the other material it just wasn't going to work; both my daughters agreed with me.  The two edgings and materials were swapped and all looked much better for it.

Kamryn is a very easy edging, with only rings and chains.  Surprisingly it has no thrown rings, split rings or shuttle switching.  It went very fast, which is why it made it to the craft show. (It was the first thing sold, right at the start of the show). I think there are similar patterns out there but I was not following one when I made this, I just started and this is what came off the shuttles.

Kamryn Edging up close, tatted edging on table runner with fall material on wandasknottythoughts
Kamryn Edging in Lizbeth Fudge Med # 698 & Harvest Orange Med #694
© Wanda Salmans 2015

I'm very happy with how this came out.  Sewing it on went much faster than usual because I took Michelle's advice to use invisible thread.  She had suggested to sew it on with the machine but mine wouldn't work. Maybe the tatting was too thick for the setting on the machine??  What-ever the problem, I had to do it by hand, but the invisible thread mostly made it go much faster even doing it by hand.   Why had I not tried this before???

The last couple of weeks had a lot of things happening around here.  About November 18th western Kansas had a blizzard and ended up with 20 inches of snow (that's a lot of blowing snow out there!); on the 19th we experienced a 4.7 magnitude earthquake that was centered in northern Oklahoma which I felt at our house north of Wichita (Kansas has felt 162 earthquakes in the last month); then abnormally high temperatures for several days, around 65ºF to 70ºF, then an ice storm over the Thanksgiving weekend (lots of power outages due to broken power lines and downed trees).  We are now experiencing pleasant temperatures and sunny skies, which I am thankful for.  

I'm not sure what to expect next from the weather or other natural phenomenon, but I do know what to expect next from me: I will be working on the Round Robin doily I'm doing on Craftree and things for Christmas.  

How about you?  What are you making?

"There is no "buy" there is only DIY"

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