Craft Show

The craft show last weekend went well.  I sold several runners and a few other smaller things which means I paid for the booth and a bit more besides which makes it a successful show.

  Moundridge Craft Show booth with tatted items from wandasknottythoughts
My booth setup
I didn't get a picture of the booth before the show started.  I had already sold one of my table runners by the time I thought about it.

Moundridge Craft Show booth with my sister with tatted items from wandasknottythoughts
 This is my sister's booth.  We have two spaces but put our tables together.
I think the green-over-black really made the tables look good.

I talked to several other venders from the show and they all had the same results we did: people were buying but not a lot.  That still makes it a successful show.

This year I had a small Christmas tree that I strung with battery-powered LED lights and covered in small, button-centered tatted ornaments.  I also had small button-centered tatted snowmen. Each one was a little different. 

Tatted button-centered snowmen from wandasknottythoughts
A few of the tatted snowmen on the tree at home before the show.
I thought they came out well; everyone that saw them thought they were cute.  I put pin backs on a few but they can still be hung on the tree.  My sister asked for one to be put on a barrette and it worked for that, too.

Tatted snowman with buttons from wandasknottythoughts
Tatted Button-centered snowman 
© Wanda Salmans 2015

For all that it is very simple I wrote up the pattern and have added it to my Pattern tab.

Thanksgiving cornucopia from wandasknottythoughts

This week was Thanksgiving here in America.  Here at home we've had enough ice and bad weather that we haven't been able to gather with any of our family so far.  But we are thankful that we have family that are healthy and happy even if we can't see them this week. 

 I'm also thankful that I can share my enjoyment of tatting with others at craft shows and on this blog. Thanks to all of you for stopping by.

"Thanksgiving is a time to remember...
our blessings and make good cheer with all who we hold dear."

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