Christmas tree ornaments

Christmas tree with tatted ornaments on wandasknottythoughts

This is our Christmas tree this year, the same one I used at the craft show a few weeks ago.  It's about 24 inches tall and is decorated entirely with tatted ornaments.  They can't really be called snowflakes as most of them have have eight points, though a few have more.  I've wanted to have a tree decorated like this for years and this is the first time it's happened.  It took a lot of these little decorations to dress this little tree - there are more than 30 on the front and sides.  I'm glad they were quick and easy.

Tatted Christmas tree ornaments on buttons on wandasknottythoughts

They may not be snowflakes but they do have at least one feature like them: no two are the same.  Even when the plan was to make a duplicate the stitch count usually changed or a 'mistake' changed the finished ornament.  That one with the blue button on the bottom left? The plan was to be the same as the one in the middle, but the stitch count should have been changed a bit because of the difference in button size - it wasn't changed (enough) and it ended up being finished a bit different.  

When these were first started the plan had been to use only red and green buttons.  Why?  It just sounded good at the time.  Then I got to thinking about Christmas tree lights and all the colors that were used.  So instead of being choosy it became much more random - reach into the button jar and use whatever came out.  I have several button jars, this one contains bright colored, modern buttons, which makes for a bright, happy tree.

Large tatted Christmas tree ornament on a button on wandasknottythoughts

This button is a bit larger than the others and it's the only one this size that I made.  No, I didn't plan for it to end up like this when I started but I think it came out well.  It's a little too big to fit in with the other tatted ornaments but it's on the tree anyway.

How have you decorated your tree? Do you have tatting on it?

"O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree,
What happiness befalls me when oft
at joyous Christmas-time
Your form inspires my song and rhyme.
O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree,
What happiness befalls me"
author unknown

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