Many-tailed Tatted Paperclip Bookmark

A favorite aunt of mine had a birthday recently.  I always try to make something for her as I know she really appreciates handmade items.  I also know she doesn't need more things sitting around her house, so gift ideas are for things that can be worn or used.  For this year I made her a paperclip bookmark.

Many-tailed tatted Paperclip bookmark with a button on wandas knotty thoughts
Many-tailed Tatted Paperclip Bookmark

This bookmark is specifically made for my aunt to use at church.  Lutherans use a hymnal that has a liturgy in the front and hymns in the back and during a service you go back and forth between the liturgy and the different hymns.  I've been thinking of making a bookmark like this for a while, one where you can mark several pages at a time. This bookmark actually has more tails than are usually needed for a normal service but it looked cool with the different colors hanging from the clip.

Many-tailed tatted Paperclip bookmark on a pretty button on wandas knotty thoughts
Many-tailed Tatted Paperclip Bookmark with a button

Isn't that button pretty?  I hope you can see it.  This is one I picked up just this week from a fabric shop that sadly is closing.  The good news about that is that everything is on sale.  I didn't pick up a lot of buttons but I did pick up a lot of material. There'll be more about that later.

My aunt really liked the tatted paperclip bookmark.  I think it worked out well. 

'If you love to read, you know there are three kinds of book-markers: the dog-ear-er, the any old flat object that will hold my spot-er and the beautiful "I even spent money on a bookmark"-er.  Of course, if you read an e-reader you totally miss the point, but that is neither here nor there.  I fall into the "I even spent money on a bookmark" category.  To me, a bookmark is a friendly "hello! we're glad you're back!" statements as I immerse myself back into the text to tackle paragraph after paragraph.'
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