Teacups on the side

Happy Tatting Tea Tuesday! What kind of tea are you drinking today?  Maybe in a pretty cup?

Today I sipped coffee instead of tea and checked out a few blogs instead of actually tatting (but the day isn't quite over) but I did some planning on my projects - that counts, doesn't it?

A couple of weeks ago my mother asked if I would decorate two bags for her, like the ones I did at Christmas (here and here).  One was to be for an aunt of mine and one for herself (I did give Mom one for Christmas but she liked it enough she wants another one ☺),  I had several projects going already but how could I say no?

The bag body is about six inches square (without the handles).  The request was to do something with tea cups.

This is the first one I decorated.  I looked on-line for a teacup shape that I liked then made it a size I thought would work for the bag. Then what to do with it?
I thought something to show it was a tea cup instead of a coffee cup and maybe some flowers.

The second one I did mostly the same, just different colors and arranged things a little differently.

I tried something different for the material of the cup shape than I did before.  For the ones I did at Christmas I coated the back of the material with fabric glue and let it dry so I was able to work with it without it fraying while I cut it out.  This time I went looking in the sewing aisle, thinking I was going to get some kind of fusible webbing.  Then I saw this Peel n Stick fabric fuse.  As I don't expect the bags to be put into the washing machine I thought this would work well.  And it did.  I still have several sheets left so I can make more :-)

I had already been looking at these books for some ideas on other projects, which came in handy for coming up with flower ideas for the bags.

Now the requested mice are done and the bags are finished I can get back to my other projects - something about Easter eggs....

Did anyone stay up to see the Blood Moon last night? It was a pretty awesome sight! I went out just after 1:00 AM (local time) when it had just started and a few times from then until 3:00 AM, about the middle of the eclipse. I didn't get any pictures of it :-( but it was great to be able to see it.

The moon, the stars, and a cup of tea
Let's sit and sip and watch the night go by
Side by side, just you and me.

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