Not over the rainbow

Rainbow Splash thread that is.  I keep making things with it!

A couple of weeks ago, one of my grandsons asked for a 'rainbow mouse'.  I didn't think I had any thread  that quite fit the term 'rainbow' so I sent my daughter the email address of Handy Hands and asked them to choose a thread.  They thought #184, Rainbow Splash was just perfect. 
A small order to Handy Hands and I had a ball of the requested color.

"Morgan Mouse" © Wanda Salmans
#184 Lisbeth Rainbow Splash size 20

I'm somewhat picky about variegated threads. I think a lot look really great on the ball but then am unhappy with how they work up.  I also am not usually happy with threads that have a lot of different colors on them, preferring shades of similar colors instead - like all blues, or pinks, or whatever.  But I am very happy with Rainbow Splash!

I needed four mice, two going to each of my daughter's houses, so I had to make a couple a little different.  One of the mice (second from the right) has blue eyes, and the one on the right has Flora #207 size 20 for the rings. It wasn't an exact match but I don't think my granddaughter will object.  You'll also note that I used washers in the center instead of jewelry findings.

After finishing the mice I had still had thread on the shuttles.  Being spring with Easter on the way, what better way to use such bright, spring-y thread than Easter eggs?

 Simple ring and chain button Easter eggs in #184 Lizbeth Rainbow Splash size 20

I have a package of bright-colored buttons in colors that were right in line with the Rainbow Splash thread.  These button Easter eggs are so quick and easy I just couldn't stop making them. They are very nice little doodles to make while in the car. I added a pin back to several of them and gave one of them to my mother.  She really liked it. I actually have an idea to use these, we'll just see if I have time to put it together. Before Easter :-)

Today for Tatting Tea Tuesday I had just a drop of tea

The teacup is part of a doll-size tea set I found on Ebay. Isn't it cute? So dainty with such pretty flowers.
The shuttle is a decorated Boye shuttle.

Rainbows, Easter eggs and flowers - it must be spring!

"I've always taken 'The Wizard of Oz' very seriously, you know.  I believe in the idea of the rainbow.  And I've spent my entire life trying to get over it."
Judy Garland

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