Tatting Tea Tuesday on a Small Scale

This week I've been tatting in small thread.  

This is Gütermann silk quilting thread. in color 386.  I bought it last August when I bought the Perfect Quilter thread.  I have been carrying it around with me for a while but had not even put it on a shuttle until about a week ago.  Other than being so small as to be hard to see it is easy to tat with.  I only broke the thread once while working on this piece (so far!) and it actually broke about four inches from the ring I was closing.  I have to work on this when I have lots of light, as much for the size as the color. It's been fun working in such fine thread though challenging, especially as I'm working on my vest between times, which is in size 10 thread.  I'm finally remembering to number this for my 25 Motif Challenge - I think it's number 11.

Today for Tatting Tea Tuesday I had a cup of Celestial Seasonings Cinnamon Apple Spice tea with a touch of honey out of a big mug, not this little cup.  This is a demitasse cup and saucer that my mother gave me.  The cup is 2 ¼" tall, which is how I know it's a demitasse (meaning 'half-size'), or child size, cup.  I didn't realize that the size of a cup determined what it is!  Did you?  I've always thought it was a tea cup if you drank tea out of it :-)  Today while trying to correctly spell 'demitasse' I found a blog that describes the history of the cup and saucer and how their sizes define their use.  If you'd like to learn more check it out here on the blog "Demitasse Cups & Saucers"

The white shuttle is another gift from my mother, found at a yard sale. All of the variegated  pink and white thread was wound on it, extending way past the edges of the shuttle.  I don't know how long it had been wound but, surprisingly, the tips are still tightly together.  In fact I'll probably have to work on it a bit if I want to tat with it. Unwinding the size 70 or 80 thread wasn't bad but going the other way took a lot of effort.  There are no markings on the shuttle to say who made it.  I've seen similar ones before but I don't remember where or what brand they were. It has a very smooth surface, is about 3 inches long, and in very good condition.  Both blades are slightly marred in one place along the edge, but other than that it looks brand new.  As it's already wound and has a ball thread I guess I'll have to see what I can make with it.  How about a demitasse doily?

"You can often measure a person by the size of his dream."
Robert H. Schuller

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