It's Tuesday

The 2014 TIAS continues

The most often guessed is a sail boat but I'm not sure, Jane can be pretty sneaky! (in a good way!)  Whatever it is we are more than halfway through.

I have been tatting but don't have pictures of what I've spent the most time on.  I do have this little piece made with Coats Cotton Machine Quilting thread.  I don't really have a plan for this piece but I had the thread with me (why? I found it in a drawer and stuck it in my box...) so thought I'd try working with it.

And it was very trying.  I usually tat with size 20 thread and I've got a project going in size 10, so working with this was quite a chore.  I would get about three rings and a chain done then break the thread on the next ring.  Today I very consciously made my stitches and pulled the rings closed very carefully. Success! The thread didn't break! 

Last week Tuesday I didn't have to go to work due to snow and bad roads.  We got somewhere between eight and ten inches by the time it was done.  And it hasn't melted yet!  Which is very unusual around here.  Then Sunday night we got another two inches.  But the sun is shining today and they say we'll get above freezing maybe tomorrow.  By Sunday it should be in the 60's (ºF) and the snow mostly gone.

We found some lovely tea related images from tea loving Grace in Italy - which we have put together as a montage and thought we would share...I haven't been doing Tatting Tea Tuesdays much lately, not because I haven't thought about it but I've been drinking a lot of coffee instead of tea.  Including today.  But I did get some tatting done and I've found a blog that's all about tea cups!  If you also like tea and tea cups check out Artful Affirmations.  

                                                                              image from Pinterest

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