Bulletin board

When my daughters were young they were in a local 4-H club.  When my oldest daughter was about 10 years old one of her projects was a bulletin board made with a ceiling tile.  She decorated it for a craft project and entered it in both the 4-H fair and the county fair.  In some counties they are held together but in this county they are separate, with the county fair having 4-H categories. She got blue ribbons on it at both fairs.


The material it is covered with was not purchased for the project but chosen from what material I had on hand that was large enough (this is NOT what she would have chosen otherwise!)  Even the flowers were from what I already had. 

Some of the decorations in one corner was old costume jewelry that I had been keeping for some reason.  She added glue to the posts and pins of these prior to poking them into the board.  The string of pearls were from a roll that I had in my stash, artfully arranged and attached with hot glue. 

To go along with the romantic feel I gave her some of my tatting for one of the corners.  It was gathered a bit to give it some dimension - and it didn't look right when left flat.
The pattern for this is out of "Aunt Ellen's Treasury Tatting Patterns"  I had been trying to find 
a pattern for a tablecloth and this was one of my trials (I didn't go with this pattern).  It's made with an ecru size 10, Anchor thread I think. 

This bulletin board has been hanging in what was my daughter's room all these years.  Her room has been the guest room since she moved out when she went to college and now where I keep most of my craft-y stuff.  It fits right in :-)

Today I'm drinking Mango Maui tea from Hawaiian Islands Tea Company.  It has a wonderfully different taste from the teas I usually drink.  I'm sipping it from a very unromantic-looking cup that has a cute crocheted owl cozy on it.  I picked up the cup at a local craft fair where the seller sat crocheting the cozies as she waiting for customers.  This blue owl is the first one she made out of "un-natural" owl colors; she wasn't sure they'd sell.  The cups were all ones she'd picked up from second-hand stores or yard sales.  

What connection does Mango Maui tea and owls have? None that I know of except I'm drinking one out of the other :-)

My daughters and others in their 4H club showing off their club banner for the 4H fair, about 1996. My oldest is holding up the banner and my other daughter is on the far right with the striped shirt.

4-H pledge
 "I pledge 
My Head to clearer thinking,
My Heart to greater loyalty
My Hands to larger service
My Health to better living
For my club, my community, my country and my world."

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