The Wedding Box and Other Gifts

Yes, there was yet another wedding I needed a gift for. If you think I've said that once or twice before recently you are correct - this makes four weddings this year.  This one was a small affair with the date set just a few weeks before the event.  There wasn't much time to come up with a tatted gift, or at least one that incorporated a little tatting, but of course I had to try.

What to do when there is only a little time?  Look through things you've already made!

Remember about three years ago when Isdihara had a decorate-a-box-of-chocolates contest?  Well, I still have the box I decorated - not the snowflakes but the box itself and the edging around it. I started by changing out the paper cover (yes, it's still brown but there is a sparkly decoration on it this time!) then had to put together what went inside.

Money is always good for newlyweds, isn't it?

But instead of a gift card or check I gave them cash, taped end-to-end, folded and the ends taped to the top and bottom of the box.   When it was opened the money accordioned out, kind of like a slinky. The bride and groom got a kick out of playing with it :-)

And then there was a little girl with a birthday.  Other than knowing she likes pinks and purples I had no idea what to do for her.  But at least being a girl I could do 'pretty'. 

This is a 6" by 6" canvas bag - not counting the handles - I got from Walmart.  It's one of those that come in a package of three, plain and unadorned, to be decorated as your heart desires.  Mine desired a pretty material heart surrounded by tatting.  I also tatted around a purple button for a little accent.  I was going to add a bit more bling but ran out of time (surprise, surprise).  I put a cute set of stationary and a pen in it, which turned out to be a great idea according to those who know.  She was at school when it was delivered so I haven't heard if she likes it or not.

The next gift I made (actually the first of these three) was not for a birthday or wedding or anniversary or any other special day, but a just-because gift.  I saw a pretty scarf while on vacation I thought my mother would like.  I also thought that a pretty shawl pin would be nice to hold it in place. I had just the thread picked out to put on one but had to figure out how to put it together.   

As you can see I didn't figure out how to add the tatting.  I played with wire and beads but just couldn't see how to make it better with tatting.  I still want to try making a shawl pin with tatting on it, but this time I was happy even without it. 

"The heart of marriage is memories; and if the two of you happen to have the same ones and can savor your reruns, then your marriage is a gift from the gods."
Bill Cosby

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