The birds and the - teacups

I so enjoyed decorating the small bag the other day that I have decided to do a few more.

Originally my idea was to have a shape in material as a background then decorate it with small bits of tatting and maybe a few buttons.  The idea with these was that they would be quick and easy to do.   

I have the general idea for them, I just can't make up my mind for the particulars!

I thought this was a cute idea, but some of the 'snowflakes' look more like flowers.

I'm not sure they look 'finished' yet.  I think I still have a little work to do. 

Autumn has finally arrived here.

Looking out my backdoor.  I love the different shades of color in the trees.

This was just over a week ago when the trees were still almost completely dark green then. You can see how dark even through the snow.

Maybe I should decorate a bag with a snowbird...

"It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds."

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