If only my hair was longer...

The other day while searching for a box of craft items I found a whole lot more than I expected. 
 I came upon a box that has been in a cabinet for quite a while, so long ago I forgot what I put in it.  I had to laugh when I opened it.

 It was full of hair accessories that I had made (mostly tatted) back when my kids were much younger and I had long hair.   

There are a couple of head bands and a snood as well as a lot of decorated barrettes.  For some reason there were also several tatted pieces that have nothing to do with hair or even clothing accessories.  I have no idea why they were in this box.

All of these barrettes are made of a metallic thread, I think the brand name was Kreinik, or something like that. I remember these threads were a real pain to tat with but they were so pretty.  A lot of these are tatted over wire to give them their shapes.  I know that I was trying a lot of different ideas at the time, some working out better than others.  I think I wore more of these than the girls did :-)

I guess I'll put all of these back in the box for now.  Maybe my granddaughter will want to play dress-up or something with these some day.  

"I'm undaunted in my quest to amuse myself by constantly changing my hair."
Hillary Clinton

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