A birithday gift

A while back I found some material remnants, one of purple and a slightly smaller one of pink with gold sparkles.  I thought together they would make a cute skirt for my granddaughter's second birthday gift.  Now, I rarely sew at all and usually only such things as straight lines when putting simple table runners together.  My bright idea was to make a skirt - without having a pattern.  Oh, yeah, real bright. 

So, about a week before her birthday I finally get started on the skirt.  I can't find my roller cutter so have to cut the material with a scissors, guessing at how big to cut it.  I barely start sewing it together and my sewing machine breaks.  For several days I'm at a standstill with it, trying to find a sewing machine to use.  Then it dawns on me that there are a couple of machines at church that the ladies use when they quilt that I could use.  Finally, progress! It takes a lot longer than it should, or should I say I wanted, the skirt was finally together.  And then the tatting had to be sewn on (you didn't think I'd give her something like that without tatting, did you?).   It was finished the night before the party :-) (Just in time!)

When I tried taking a picture of her in the skirt she got all silly and wouldn't stand still.  It's a good thing I got any decent pictures because about five minutes after this picture was taken she tried to be a big girl and put her cereal bowl in the sink, which is great, but it still had cereal and milk in it.  There was milk from her chin all the way to the floor. 

The thread is a size 10 white with gold filament, which looks good with the pink material.  The beads are only on about two thirds of the tatting, front and sides but not the back (she doesn't have to sit on them).  I added the butterfly in the same thread so she would know the front from the back.

The skirt turned out wearable, which is all I could ask for. It's plenty long enough and the waist is elastic and can be let out some as she grows.  Flaws and all I think it is a success. 

"In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure." 
Bill Cosby

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