This was my Mother's Day gift to my mother-in-law.

This idea popped into my head complete once I found the wooden cut-out.  It was unpainted and I'm sure I got it around Christmas time one year but it was perfect for this occasion as my MIL's name is Joy.

I have a lot of these little flowers around as I usually empty my shuttle with them.  Of course, I didn't have (couldn't find) ones in colors that went together so I had to make a few more. The butterfly I made special with the beads just for this occasion.  The little birdy was already done (if anyone can tell me where I found this cute little doodle I'd appreciate it! I know it's out there somewhere but I can't remember where! I'd like to give credit to the designer)  Then it was just putting them together in a way that I liked.  

Okay, I had to paint it first.  And the paints were in a nice safe place, it just took me awhile to find them. And decide what color it should be, once I found out what paints I had.  It ended up being green mixed with white to tone it down from the Christmas-y color of the green. 

Then to finish it off it's completely coated with glitter glue.  It really looks much better in person. Sparkly.

It's now attached to her wall with some of those 3M Velcro strips.  They were brought along as part of the gift :-)

For once I didn't over think an idea, kept it simple.  

I'll have to keep my eye out for more of this type of cutout.  They could be made into quick, simple gifts for almost any occasion, depending on what they spelled out.

I'd have more pictures to share but I left my camera at my daughter's house this last weekend.  I really miss it.  And of course all the pictures I took at her house I can't download, either.  Bummer!  But the plan is to see them again this weekend! :-)) Joy!

"Joy is the feeling of grinning inside."
Melba Colgrove

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