Several bookmarks

I've been tatting bookmarks lately.  And trying to make them with shuttle and ball only. I was in places where I only had one shuttle available (the others had different thread on them) and thought it would be a good mental exercise. Do you know how hard that is when you do almost everything with two shuttles?  Not having that second shuttle available really messes me up!

I started with two cross bookmarks.  The one of the left is in Lizbeth #611 Gold and #604 Black.  The one on the right is in #663 Bright Turquoise Dark.  See, only shuttle and ball :-)

Trying to do something a little different I made this bookmark in #122 Caribbean and #604 Black. Other than being very ruffle-y I think it came out well. And only one shuttle and ball.

Then I made these, something I tried before but hadn't been able to work out. This time it did. But not with just shuttle and ball. Notice the end?  It just needed that thrown ring to look good. As I was only using one shuttle I used the shoelace trick to make it.  Okay, technically, they are made with just shuttle and ball only, but not exactly what I meant about using shuttle and ball only.  The top one is made with #670 Victorian Red, the bottom in #131 Vineyard Harvest and #644 Boysenberry Dark.  

I liked the way I made the end of the those last bookmarks so well I tried the end just by itself in #663 Bright Turquoise Dark. All of these bookmarks are in size 20.

Notice the center of the doodads?  There is an indent there, probably for a jewel.  Most of the time I make this the backside, using the other side where it's flat in the middle, as the front. Being bookmarks either side could be up so I added a little paint to the center.  It's white craft paint that can be used on metal.  I had seen some metal enamel by Martha Stuart at Micheal's a week or so ago and thought about trying it. The tube of enamel wasn't too bad, about $4, but you had to buy a tube of activator to make it work, and that was $14.  I decided to go with the FolkArt outdoor paint from Walmart instead, at $2 a bottle.  I'm just trying white right now, I might try other colors later. 

Anyone else having kind of odd weather this spring?  Other than a few storms here and there we've been having pleasant, cool weather here, but Oklahoma just can't seem to get a break from the weather, one storm front after the other going through.  My prayers go out to all the families that have been effected by the severe weather down there.

"It is only in sorrow bad weather masters us; in joy we face the storm and defy it."
Amelia Barr

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