Scissors Keeper

What, no hearts?
This last week I have indeed made more heart earrings, both for my self and family and friends, but other than a color change they are pretty much the same, so no pictures. 

What I have spent the most time on is a scissors keeper.  Lately I put something down and I loose it, just that fast.  My mind is obviously not paying much attention to these details.  Which means I put my scissors down and then spend 10 minutes looking for them.  Same goes for my crochet hook, the pen I was writing with, the bill I was paying - you get the picture. (I wish I could loose the dirty dishes as easily).  So I have been putting my scissors on a badge reel with a retractable cable.

I got these from Discount Embroidery Blanks but I know they are available other places. On this site they show them with a button or other decoration in the center, but up until now I've left mine naked.  

The plan was to make this layered, to raise up the center a bit because of the indented center.  Things did not go quite as hoped.  Instead of joining two layers together one is glued on top of the other.  Sometimes my ideas don't work out quite as hoped.  But it I think it still looks pretty good. The thread is LBH size 40 but I can't find the color number anywhere on it.  

Now I'd like to make a cable for the scissors in the same color.  It's taking a little longer as I haven't liked what I've done so far. I was hoping I'd have time today to work on it but it's looking less likely as the day goes on. 

Today is International Pancake Day, which is always on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.  I wrote about the race between women of Liberal Kansas and Olney, England here.  The women in Liberal have to deal with about an inch of snow this year.  The city cleaned the streets up for the race, but will it be enough to beat the women of Olney?  I know the race in Liberal is over but haven't heard which town won.  I planned on pancakes today in honor of the day but ended up making biscuits instead (I was in the middle of writing this post!).

One more thing before I go today - the 2013 TIAS is done. Jane did a wonderful job this year keeping most people guessing for more than half of it.  The end result was a cute baby buggy (pram, carriage).  

Thanks, Jane, for another fun pattern. 

"Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts." 
Arnold Bennett

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