Another Keeper

Scissors keeper in Lizbeth #142 Turquoise Twist in size 20

I'm rather pleased how these came out.  More pleased with the scissors fob than the badge reel motif, but happy with both on the whole.  

You might remember that last week I was working with purple LBH size 40 thread.  I had the keeper made and was working on a fob for the scissors.  Wellllll, I'm not sure if it was because the thread was old or because I'm so used to working with size 20 thread, but the thread kept breaking.  It was getting so frustrating that I had to move on to a different thread.  Turquoise Twist wasn't it. 

I had chosen Caribbean thread in size 20 and some pretty beads in those shades that would have looked really nice.  I was over at my sister's house and showing her the thread I was going to use - and left it there.  So instead of going back to get it right away I just chose another thread. 

I liked the fob enough that I made one for my crochet hook as well.  I got all the way around to the last chain to finish it off and found that I had made a mistake almost at the beginning.  It looks strange, it can't be fixed. I think I'll finish it and and use it like it is until I make another one.  

This isn't the first fob pattern I tried.  I didn't really like the first try - parts I liked, but I didn't like the end result.  So I tried again. 

First fob try in FBH size 40 thread. It's almost the same color as Lizbeth #633 Dark Purple.  The motif was the start of the motif I used in the Turquoise Twist, but the purple kept breaking.  I think that might have been a good thing, because I do like my second try better, much better.

The original keeper?  I'm using it for my badge at work.

Today for Tatting Tea Tuesday I had a cup of Vanilla Rooibos with a bit of Wild Berry Zinger added. It was pretty good.  I'll definitely be drinking hot tea tomorrow.  It was 65° F Sunday and tomorrow we are supposed to get several inches of snow and maybe sleet and ice, too.  Oh, joy. 

"A little snowflake falls from the sky
Like a new kid moves to a new junior high
Different and unique like everyone else
Who will notice except for itself?
No one will watch, no one will see
How amazing and unique this thing may be
So next time it snows just look down
And watch to see what can be found"
A. Phinney - 8th Grade

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