Edging for a bag

I've been wanting to add tatting to one of these bags for myself for quite some time but never took the time to do it.  As you can see, I finally did it! 

The bag is a planetE by Eco-Stream from Wal-mart, brown with ecru lines, 17 inches wide by 14 inches tall (not counting the handles). The tatting is a size 10 thread in turquoise but unfortunately the label disappeared a long time ago and I don't remember the brand. The beads are from a container of mixed pink beads.  I used Fabric Fusion from Aleene's to glue the edging to the bag. I don't know how well it will hold but as this is for me I'll use the bag and find out just how good it is. 

The edging is a simple one I came up with, one that wasn't complicated and wouldn't take long to make.  I thought I had measured it to fit the top of the bag but miscalculated a bit.  I had to bow it down a bit to fit.  I see I didn't do a good job keeping it even when I glued it down.  I guess I'll just have to live with it that way.  Unless it comes off, then I guess I'll try to do better next time. 

After having little snow and mostly warm weather all winter - with temperatures around 50 and 60º F - we were hit with two major winter storms in less than a week.  At our house we got about a foot of snow last Thursday.  A lot of businesses as well as schools and church functions were cancelled, including the plant where I work.  Then Monday we had blizzard conditions with very wet, heavy snow and a forecast of another seven to twelve inches.  I wasn't looking forward to driving in it and ended up not having to - they cancelled work again.   Because it was right about 32º F the snow actually was melting almost as fast as it came down, so we didn't get as much measurable snow as predicted but we still got several inches that drifted.  

This picture is looking out my backdoor to the neighbor's yard Monday afternoon.  Pretty if you don't have to go out in it.  You have to understand, in this area we're lucky to get three or four inches of snow at a time, maybe all winter.  To get one storm with a foot of snow is pretty unusual - to get two within a few days of each other is very rare indeed.  We certainly can use the moisture, but oh, my, this much snow at once is ridiculous!   

FACT: Between the two storms Wichita, KS broke its record for the most snow in any month since records have been kept - since 1888 - with 21 inches, 14.2" in the first storm and 6.8" in the second storm.

I did get some tatting done yesterday afternoon while I was home but no pictures yet.  I didn't get as much done as I was hoping to, but more than if I had gone to work.  And I actually finished something!

"When it snows, you have two choices: shovel or make snow angels."

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