My tatting this week consisted of making a couple of cross bookmarks. I started with the one on the right, with an idea of how I wanted the ends to look. I started several times because it didn't work quite right. I did this in tatting instead of with computer software because I had more time to do it that way. I would have liked to do it with software but it's a little harder to take my laptop everywhere than it is my tatting. That's one of the great things about tatting, isn't it? The portability.

I am pretty happy with the result of the first one. I used a SCMR on the ends of each arm and one in the center as well. I did have a little trouble making up my mind about the tassels on each end, trying several different things before I decided that the spiral tails looked right. The entire pattern is straight forward and easy which will make it an excellent bookmark to make quickly give for special occasions.

There were a few things I thought might work better done slightly differently so made another one. On the second cross I made the end SCMRs a little bigger and each of the thrown rings a little differently, too. I had planned on doing the center the same way as the first cross but I made a little mistake that I didn't notice 'til I came around the next time. I thought it would work, so continued on with that change. I actually like this center better than the first. I did plan the tassels a little better this time so I didn't have to start over and over and over. Using a software program might have helped a little here also, to decide on the size of the rings compared to the rest of the cross. I definitely need to take some time to utilize more of what I learned about software designing in the Design-Tat class.

Both crosses are made with Lizbeth size 20 threads, center in #633 dark purple, outside in #127 Butterfly Breeze. These are #19 of my second 25 Motif Challenge. I am working on writing out and diagramming the pattern for these - again, need computer time to get it done. I've got a good start but still have a long way to go.

I'm still drinking hot tea on this Tatting Tea Tuesday. The weather has been rather cooler than normal this spring so it's still more appealing yet than iced tea. Today Cinnamon Apple Spice really hit the spot. I think I'll make another cup and work on my next project.

"Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better." Pat Riley

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