Tatting Tea Tuesday April 26, 2011

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter. Ours was wonderful - time off from work, time to visit with family, and time to worship with our Christian family.

I've been tatting this week but most of what I've done I don't want to show quite yet due to them being gifts that haven't been given yet. Then there's the tatting that hasn't quite turned out the way I want it so has been started and restarted several times.

There is also a list of tatting I should be doing that I didn't do this week. I have several things I have planned for friends and family that I have been somewhat behind on even starting. I give myself the excuse that it's been a busy week, but I've found time to just laze around and not do anything, so I'm not sure that works even for me.

So instead of tatting today I'll sit here with my cup of tea and contemplate the endeavors I plan for the next week.

"I know now why Franz Schubert never finished his Unfinished Symphony. He would have written more but the clock struck four, and everything stopped for tea." John Baldrey