What's in a name?

I finished the test tat of my diagram of the heart bookmark. I found out that I had forgotten several chains in the diagram, but added them in where they should have been. I made several other changes, too, like joining several picots together where the diagram indicated to join to only one. I just thought it looked much better that way. There are a couple of not-so-pretty spots where I made a mistake and you can tell it's a correction, but as this is a trial anyway I went on anyway. There are also a few things about the heart at the end I want to change to make it look more like the rest. Over-all I am very happy with this bookmark, and found that, barring my missing chains, it tatted up pretty much like I expected. For this attempt I used Lizbeth Ocean Turquoise Dark, #657, in size 20.

Design © 2011 Wanda Salmans

The main problem I have now is I'd like to have a name for it, to put on the pattern when it's done. I've never been great at naming my patterns, they've always been things like "Fall bookmark" and "December 20xx snowflake". So I thought I'd have a little naming contest. As I just thought of this I have no idea what the prize will be, but if you would like to make a name suggestion on this post I'll choose the one I like best and send a little something as a thank you. As the next week is going to be pretty busy I'll announce the winner in two weeks, so you have that long to make a suggestion.

The tea for today's Tatting Tea Tuesday is a cup of Tazo Refresh tea with a little bit of honey. I haven't had mint tea with honey in it since I was a little girl visiting my grandmother. Somehow sugar has become the sweetener of choice, leaving honey on the shelf. It makes for a nice change.

For all that I got some tatting done this last week was busy as well. Last week one of my daughters had a daughter herself, so I'm a grandma again! The tatting for today will be in pink.

"No one likes change except babies in diapers."

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