Tatting Tea Tuesday while on Vacation

I'm on vacation! Woo hoo!

But it's hot! We were out sight-seeing in the sun and the heat - oh, man! We were so glad to be able to sit down in the cool when we got home!

As I don't want to carry my regular tatting bag with me, but I do want to have a little something with me, I have had to come up with something else.

I just got a new pair of glasses and the case that came with them presented itself for a new job. I think it's working well. It's not exactly light, but carries just what I need, especially since the thread here is size 30. And the size 14 crochet hook won't poke through ; )

This piece that I'm working on started as a doodle on another road trip about a week ago and has been growing ever since. When I have the chance - and when I think I'm done with it - I'll share a picture with it laid out all nice and flat.

My tea today tasted suspiciously like coffee, but it was what was available. I did pick up an interesting tea that I'll be trying next week and sharing with you.

Until then, everyone have a safe and fun summer. Try to stay cool.

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